For years now I have always wanted to know what these "E-Numbers" in the things I was eating were.
As I figured out that there are more people who have the same interest I thought I might share what I know and put things on the WWW:
I always heard that additives in something you buy in a shop which were declared as "E200" or "E330" being "Allowed /Approved by the European Community". What ever that might mean.... Some of these substance are downright dangerous (at least in my opinion, so I trying to get an objective overview together). Therefore I thought it was time to see what I could find out and publish that. Here's what I found so far:

There are at least substances with numbers in the range of 100, at the lower end, and 1500 (1520 to be exact), being the highest number I found up to now. However this does not imply that (e.g.) 1420 exist ... there are lots of numbers with an added a, b, c, ... , but also some numbers seem to have no substances assigned. Here what I found up to now, or better put: was able to get into HTML (feel free to shoot me an email if there is a specific Exyz that you are interested in and I'll try to include that one first):
Removed to overview table, as it is in high maintenance at the moment.
In the meantime you might want to check out some other sources, such as: